User Content Guide is like a well run drive-in movie theater.
 Like your favorite drive-in, we need to have a few rules to make sure that nobody gets too badly injured or has to call the boys in blue.

The way we see it, keeping a level head and following a few simple guidelines makes it more fun for all our visitors.   As a general rule, we don’t care if you stumble in here drunk at 3 AM  – but we do mind if you start breaking up the place or engaging in otherwise anti-social shenanigans.

Some General Guidelines:

Use some common sense selecting your username. Usernames are not to be used as an attack or to assume the identity of others.

Don’t try to crash, spindle, mutilate or otherwise deface Joe Bob’s website.

Please don’t post spam. If you’re interested in advertising with us, let’s talk.

Don’t publish porn-ey stuff on here. We know B-Movies and Horror films walk the line, but there’s a line.

Do respect the privacy of others.  No doxxing or publishing other users personal information.

Don’t get Joe Bob sued.  Make sure you own the rights to anything you post.

If you believe that someone is breaking any of these rules, please let us know.


The above guidelines are basic, common decency stuff. Our Terms of Service (TOS) is the way longer version which is boring and detailed because Joe Bob’s ace legal team say it’s gotta be that way. If a particular item isn’t specifically listed in mind-numbing detail in our TOS, it still falls under General Order Numbero Uno, aka “Don’t be a Jack-hole”.

As always, Joe Bob appreciates your support