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B-Movie Reviews
Joe Bob Briggs

The Official Home of America's Drive-In Movie Critic Extraordinaire

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ACME Joe Bob Briggs

Patrick Spreng’s tribute to Joe Bob and one of the first Joe Bob fan sites. Chockful full of great drive-in links.


Alternative Cinema

A cool source for many underground and cult films.


American Independent Productions

The web home of drive-in movie king (and close personal friend of Joe Bob, Fred Olen Ray, who brought us classics like HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS and DINOSAUR ISLAND.


Arrow in the Head

Comprehensive horror movie reviews


Best Video

Extensive inventory of cult, foreign, indie and hard-to-find titles to rent.



The official website for a new ultralow budget flick, CREMAINS, which will be distributed in 2001 by e.i. cinema under the “Video Outlaw” label. Check it out


FREE B-MOVIES!  Here you’ll find hundreds of free b movies that have been lost in the wasteland of forgotten film cinema.  Tell them Joe Bob sent ya.


Blueberry Hill

THE place in St. Louis for buffalo fries, darts and even Chuck Berry. Check out their site and find out why Joe Bob loves this place.


Buck Peterson

Buck Peterson’s Roadkill Cookbook is now available!


Cinema Sirens

Stuart Young’s site to find a bevy of beautiful sirens of the big screen.



Fellow Drive-In Mutant G. Noel Gross celebrates genre DVD releases in his twice-monthly column featuring reviews, interviews and really nifty giveaways.


Classic Horror

Only the best of the classic horror genre.


Combustible Celluloid

Check out mainstream movie reviews from Joe Bob’s pal, San Francisco film critic, Jeffrey Anderson.


Danger Seekers


Harbor of all things weird


Dave Walker

Dave Walker Website

Author of the book, “Hello, My Big Honey


Dermatology in the Cinema

Dr. Vail Reese brings you everything you wanted to know about the gross deformities and downright disgustin’ skin conditions of famous celebrities!

The Definitive Resource for Drive-In Information.


Drive In Theater

A plethora of Drive-In Info!


Fear Films

The Future of Horror.

The Ghoul

The official home of late nights Horror Hosting King, The Ghoul.


Golden Gate Casino

If you want great gamblin’ and the best shrimp cocktail on earth, this is the place.

Horror Drive-In

Well written, intelligent, insightful, and, above all, honest as hell, horror reviews.

Horror Find

The ultimate horror search engine dedicated to Horror, Halloween and Spooky subjects.


Horror Hosts

Dedicated to all the late night horror of yesterday and today.


Ladies of the Evil Dead

The lovely ladies starring along with Ash, Bruce Campbell’s alter ego.


Last Drive-in on the Left

A resource for horror and cult films available on DVD.


Malibu Bay Films

The Sidaris family gave us such great drive-in cinema like MALIBU EXPRESS and SAVAGE BEACH!


Mondo Digital

Home of cool B, cult, horror and sci-fi flicks.

Mondo Video

Celluloid Insanity for Film Fanatics BY Film Fanatics.


Motta Industries
Search engine optimization (SEO), website design, Content Management Systems and CGI/ Animation.


Nightmarez Cafe

Vegetarian Vampires and more!


Oh My Gore

Gore, Trash and Horror Movie Site in English and French


Pschotronic Film Society

Now THESE folks know B movies!


Really Scary

Industry News for horror movies, TV, Books and more!


Ronnie Cramer’s Cult Film Site

A great source for weird and off-beat flicks including the Hubbie winning flick EVEN HITLER HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Check it out.


Silent Movie Theatre

The web home of the only operating silent movie house in the US. Check it out!


Sinister Cinema

One of the leading sources of quality Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, ‘B’ Westerns and Other Related Genres on video.


SLPM Property Management

Over 25 years of property management experience in the San Francisco East Bay.


The Starlight 6 Drive-In Theatres

The owners of one of the last passion pits on the East Coast know how to run a drive-in! Featuring “Mondo Movie Nites,” they feature classic drive in fare from biker to beach to blaxsploitation flicks.


Stephen King

Joe Bob’s pal, Big Steve, is the hardest workin’ writer in horror. Check out his website.


Stump Tokyo

A fun bad movie website.


Ted V. Mikels

The man who made THE CORPSE GRINDERS and THE DOLL SQUAD, Ted V. Mikels, now has his own cool website! Joe Bob says “Check it out!”


Timewarp Films

The official website for the new production company out of Perry Hall, Maryland who brought you the horror flick, HARVESTERS.


Tina’s Cookn

Personal Chef serving the San Francisco East Bay area.


Tom Laughlin

“Billy Jack” is on the web and even features chats on Monday nights at his site. Stop by and tell him “Joe Bob says hi.”


Tom Savini Official Site

Makeup master Tom Savini can show you how the best horror effects are done at his terrific website!


Troma Films

Learn from the best. The folks who brought you TOXIC AVENGER. The web home of Joe Bob’s buddy, Lloyd Kaufman.


Uneeda Medical Supply

Uneeda Medical Supply

Visit Robert Telleria’s cool and comprehensive Return of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead Tribute sites!


Wayne Newton

He’s “Mr. Danke Shoen” and Joe Bob’s fishing buddy. Hell, he’s got his own theater at the Stardust in Vegas! Check him out.


Wig Musings

A site from one of Joe Bob’s favorite amateur writers, Larry Wiginton


William Girdler

Study the films of auteur William Girdler, the most prolific B-movie director out of Jefferson County, KY.


Wittenburg Door

Ole Anthony serves up religion on a platter like the head of John the Babtist, including occasional commentary from Joe Bob Briggs!


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