Joe Bob Briggs Productions FAQ

Joe Bob will be producing movies, and he wants to read YOUR script!  We'll read any genre, but we're especially looking for horror.

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1.    What is Joe Bob Briggs Productions?

A.    A privately held film investment fund set up to produce genre films, primarily horror.

2.    Who runs it?

A.    Joe Bob Briggs.

3.    Where is it based?

A.    New York City.

4.    How large are the budgets?

A.    Variable, but all under $1 million.

5.    How many films will be made?

A.    Funding is available for ten films.

6.    Where will the films be made?

A.    In favorable tax-incentive states, using local production crews.

7.    Are you interested in my script?

A.    Yes, we read all scripts and option or purchase the ones we like. We also enter into development agreements with screenwriters.

8.    Are you interested in investing in my movie?

A.    No, the fund is set up for our own development. We’re not outside investors. We function as a mini-studio, developing scripts, producing and distributing with partners.

9.    Are you interested in my treatment?

A.    We’ll read a treatment, and tell you if we like it, but we’ll only purchase a full-length screenplay. We don’t do step deals.

10.    Are you hiring?

A.    We will be hiring directors within four months and those directors will be hiring cast and crew after that. It’s too early to send reels or resumes. We’re in the screenplay development phase.

11.    Are you interested in short films?

A.    No, our production slate will be all features.

12.    What genres are you interested in?

A.    Horror, suspense, thriller, action, martial arts, youth comedy.

13.    How do I get my script in for review?

A.    Submit your scripts  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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