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The Radix

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The Radix by Brett King
Reviewed by Karl Wolff

Brett King launches the reader into a world of intrigue, mystery and action with this novel. It follows the exploits of John Brynstone, an agent for the Special Collection Service (SCS).  The SCS uses the technology of the National Security Agency and the cloak-and-dagger tradecraft of the Central Intelligence Agency to spy on suspicious targets and collect sensitive data threatening national security.

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After Midnight

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"After Midnight" by Richard Laymon

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

Alice is not having a good day. She's house-sitting for some friends, enjoying the amenities of their large home, when a stranger starts skinny-dipping in the pool.

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The Kiribati Test

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"The Kiribati Test" by Stacey Cochran

Reviewed by Andrea Speed

Short story collections seem to be the last place a writer can stretch his wings and try out several genres at once.

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Multiple Wounds

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"Multiple Wounds" by Alan Russell

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

San Diego detective Orson Cheever is called in on the murder of an art gallery owner.

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The Lime Works

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The Lime Works by Thomas Bernhard

Reviewed by Karl Wolff

Thomas Bernhard (1931–1989) was one of the twentieth century’s great prose stylists.

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Reservoir Gods

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Reservoir Gods by Brian Knight

Reviewed by Karl Wolff

Dworshak was a body of water created by the Clearwater River.

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Live Girls

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"Live Girls" by Ray Garton

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

Peep shows seduce with the promise of beautiful women who are there only for you.

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Political Suicide

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"Political Suicide" by Alan Russell

Reviewed by Steve Chaput

When a book starts out with the hero reciting General MacArthur’s farewell to West Point, you really don’t know what else to expect.

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Matinee at the Flame

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"Matinee At The Flame" by Christopher Fahy

Reviewed by Andrea Speed

Although the cover of this collection may lead you to think this is all horror stories, that's not quite true.

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