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Harrah's Las Vegas

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Harrah's Las Vegas opened in 1973 as the Holiday Casino and was bought by Harrah's, fourth largest casino company in the world, in 1992.There's just something about a blonde in spiked high heels, Spandex body stocking and open-front fur coat, beckoning to me with a free coupon, that says, "Hey, let's all live one more day."

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Golden Gate Casino

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So I'm lurking at the back of the Golden Gate Casino where a guy in a bowler hat is playing a smooth baby grand ("Missed the Saturday dance . . .") and I'm blissing out on this shrimp cocktail.

I know what you're thinking. What weenie would go to a casino for a shrimp cocktail?

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Have you noticed this new commercial where college jocks say "If you bet on me, you're a fool!" "Fool!" "Fool!" They all use the word "fool," and they wrap their lips around it like they're full of disgust for anybody who would place a wager on the outcome of a game they're playing in.

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I'm worried about the Luxor. I used to like it there. You gotta admire any hotel that builds a replica of the Sphinx at the entrance but decides that the real Sphinx in Egypt is too small and so the Vegas Sphinx is three stories taller.

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Colorado Central Station

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The old Colorado mining towns have the most laid-back casinos in the world. They look so much like toy Christmas villages that you half expect plastic soldiers to be lined up outside their doors.

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I'm tooling along Connecticut Route 2, and I'm passing white clapboard churches, donut shops, antique stores, and mostly a lot of trees--pines, birches, maples, in woods so thick they couldn't even cut a railroad track through here for many decades--and then I round a curve, crest a hill and--whammo!-- the City of Oz rises up out of the forest, in turquoise and pink and lavender and beige, beckoning like a cheap special effect in a 1950s movie.

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Grand Victoria

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The Rising Sun Convention and Tourism Bureau is not real high on the 21st century--and in fact, they're less than crazy about the 20th.

The motto of this town of 2,200 souls is "Rising Sun, Where the Past Lives Today."

Their brochure confidently states, "Rising Sun has changed little during [the past 200 years]."

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How Indiana Learned to Gamble with Other People's Money

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If you call certain phone numbers at Caesars Indiana--the largest riverboat casino in America--you get a recording that tells you to dial another extension "if you are calling to seek a contribution." In other words, there are so many calls for "contributions" that they need a full-time staff to deal with them.

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Argosy Casino

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In the official brochure for Argosy, the hottest riverboat casino in America, there are exactly 42 people pictured, and 40 of them are grinning. They're guffawing at the slot machines, laughing convivially at the blackjack table. A busty waitress is beaming as she offers up a fruity martini.

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