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Krazy Kat Keeps Kracking

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If you go to the Palm restaurant- -the real one, the original one, the one with the rude waiters and the deafening noise and the clutter and the steaks as thick as phone books--your eye is inevitably drawn to all the cartoons scribbled on the wall by various artists from the past.

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Okay, Fess Up, How Many Vases Are There?

WRITING - John Bloom

If you made a movie about the National Museum in Baghdad, it would be called "Indiana Jones and the Phantom Antiquities," with Harrison Ford spending most of the movie just trying to figure out where the treasure was, how much of it was missing, and who's lying about it.

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Public Masochism at the Times

WRITING - John Bloom

Is the New York Times masochistic or what?

In less than a month they've lost two Pulitzer Prize winners--a reporter demonized for relying too extensively on his intern, and an editor demonized for letting himself be bamboozled by Jayson Blair.

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Where's Jimmy?

WRITING - John Bloom

Where's Jimmy Carter?

Who's the most obvious man in the world to be in Baghdad sorting out the balance of power among raving lunatic political parties that all hate one another,

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Big Gorilla Capitalism

WRITING - John Bloom

The Big Gorilla Theory of Capitalism goes like this:

We need selfish monomaniacal bulldog businessmen because they will keep the markets honest. We need their relentless tunnel vision. We need their combative natures.

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The Times' Elephant Gun

WRITING - John Bloom

The front-page article in Sunday's Times had a strangely disembodied quasi-religious tone, as though the authors were offering a ritual sacrifice to propitiate the Gods of Journalism.

Normally nations would have to collapse, or presidents would have to die, to warrant two full inside pages of the Sunday paper jumped from an above-the-fold front-page lead.

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Toss 'Em Out,

WRITING - John Bloom

If you believe in the very first sentence of the very first law ever declared in the United States, then there's no way you can be anti-immigrant.

When Jefferson wrote of "the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle [us]," he was saying that men are no longer defined by their government, their nationality or their king. He was announcing a new moment in human history.

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Cartoon Commie History

WRITING - John Bloom

So the transcripts of the secret McCarthy hearings were released this week, after 50 years in cold storage, and less than 24 hours later we have the official pronouncement of The New York Times:

"Historians who have reviewed the documents say they do not support McCarthy's theories that, in the 1950's, Communist spies were operating at the highest levels of government."

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Innocent and Damned

WRITING - John Bloom

How can there be this many?

Every time The Innocence Project makes news, it's both a beautiful and a horrible moment that you would normally expect to inspire page-one headlines all across the country.

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