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15 Things You Didn't Know about the Dead

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Our friends at the Medical Insurance Blog have created this info-graphic, bringing to light interesting and bizarre facts about dying and death. Have a look and be enlightened about what may lay ahead.

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Attack of the Mosque People

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This weekend was Attack of the Mosque People in downtown New Yawk City. It was so bad that the Chinese guy at the corner of Church and Vesey ran out of copies of “Never Forget!,” the standard twenty-buck souvenir photo book

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Tenor Sax

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The tenor saxophone is a huge honking beast of a musical instrument that looks like a cobra that's about to strike.

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Sometimes people accuse me of being cynical, but I was genuinely touched by the great outpouring of self-sacrifice by Hollywood stars over the Earth Day weekend.

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A couple days ago the University of Nevada/Las Vegas wasted Duke in the big hoo-haw NC double-A tournament,

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Junk Bonds

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I've been reading about Junk Bonds. I'm trying to understand. I think I understand. If you understand what Junk Bonds are, and you wanna help me, then write me a letter.

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Love Connection

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You ever get hooked on this show called "The Love Connection," where people go on a blind date and then go on TV

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Read the Fine Print

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"I'll say this much (about Ivana): I wouldn't bet against her." --Donald Trump, "The Art of the Deal"

This week everybody wants to dump on Trump. Donald is trying to get out of this marriage for a measly 20 million bucks.

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Being Nervous

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Things people say to you when you're going on "The Tonight Show":

"Are you nervous?"

"Will you make a special signal for me?"

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