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Every year, to celebrate Halloween, Detroit burns itself down.

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Brave New Future

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Please tack this column to your refrigerator. It's the Joe Bob Briggs 1990's Birthing-Rights Guide for Parents, adapted from my book "That Little Rug Rat Is Mine!" to be published in July 1992 by Random House.

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Big Mouth

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

They've been doing Blabbermouth Research at major American universities. They're spending jillions of dollars to find out why people are blabbermouths.

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

This gal Wanda Bodine, who turned sarcastic on me when she became my ex-girlfriend and never has been the same since,

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My Half

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When you get divorced, the law is very intelligent. It says:

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

While America goes crazy this year--banning nekkid pictures by Robert Mapplethorpe, boycotting Andrew Dice Clay,

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Raining Cats and Dogs

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Last week I went down to the animal shelter and rounded up about 30 hyper-active terriers and long-tongue spaniels

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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Lick your Sex Addiction

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Back in 2008, David Duchovny checked into a sex-addiction clinic. Ever since then I've been hearing about these places, mainly as late-night talkshow jokes.

I've even met people who told me they were in Sexaholics Anonymous. Every time they want sex, they call up a friend so they can be TALKED OUT OF IT.

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Sometimes people say to me, "Joe Bob, how do you get away with writing all those nasty things about people?"

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