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25 Scariest DVDs Ever

INTERVIEWS - Joe Bob Briggs

The 25 Scariest DVDs Ever
Joe Bob Briggs
Giant magazine October/November 2005

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Asia Argento Interview

INTERVIEWS - Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob Chats Up Asia Argento

Argento punctuates her sentences with the word "yeah," but she does it in infinite ways. She has a soft thoughtful "yeeeaaah," a sharp energetic "yeah!," an inquisitive "yeah" when she's not so sure about something, and a stentorian "yeah" when she absolutely agrees.

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Cult Cinema: A Critical Symposium

INTERVIEWS - Joe Bob Briggs

"Cult Cinema: A Critical Symposium"

A Conversation with Joe Bob Briggs

Excerpted and reprinted from Cineaste magazine, Winter 2008, Volume 34, No.1


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