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"Ghoul" by Brian Keene

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

It's the summer of 1984, and Timmy is looking forward to hanging out with his two best friends, Doug and Barry.

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Internecine by David J. Schow

Reviewed by Karl Wolff

Conrad Maddox is the Vice President in charge of development for Kroeger Concepts, Ltd.

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“Rift” by Richard Cox

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

"Rift" is an excellent title for this fast-paced science fiction novel.

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Jesus and Archaeology

REVIEWS - Book Reviews

"Jesus and Archaeology", edited by James H. Charlesworth

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

For those of us who sometimes have *no idea what they’re arguing about* in the various fields of Biblical archaeology, this is an excellent sourcebook, even though my own view is that all too frequently they’re arguing all too much about all too little.

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The Vampire de Sade

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"The Vampire de Sade" by Mary Ann Mitchell

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

The notorious Marquis de Sade is a vampire, choosing his sex partners and victims from the modern-day Parisian nightclub scene.

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A Christmas Story

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"A Christmas Story" by Jean Shepherd

Reviewed by Andrea Speed

This slim volume collects many previously published comic essays by the late Jean Shepherd, all of which deal with a story familiar to those who have seen the now ubiquitous holiday movie “A Christmas Story.”

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The Beloved

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The Beloved by J.F. Gonzalez
Reviewed by Karl Wolff

There’s something rotten in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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New Dark Voices

REVIEWS - Book Reviews

"New Dark Voices" edited by Shane Ryan Staley 
Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

This collection features three novellas by newer horror writers. "Beneath Midnight," by John Urbancik,

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Blood Orange #1

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"Blood Orange #1" edited by Chris Polkki
Reviewed by John R. Platt

Ah, the comics anthology, the red-headed step-child of the industry.

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