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The Preserve

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"The Preserve" by Patrick Lestewka
Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

It's 1967, and an elite and deadly Black Ops unit is on a covert operation in the jungles of Vietnam.

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Dead Weight

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Dead Weight by John Francome
Reviewed by Karl Wolff

Phil Nicholas is a National Hunt jockey psychologically shaken after a bad fall.

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What Liberal Media

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"What Liberal Media?: The Truth about BIAS and the News" by  Eric Alterman
Reviewed by Mark Bellis

Pundit Rachel Marsden appeared on "O'Reilly" explaining about Canada. Just google "Rachel Marsden" and "Sexual Harrasment" to find out that she's been in the media for other reasons than her opinions. NPR had one woman on to talk about Canada because she worked for Conrad Black's media group in Washington.

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Jonah Hex, vol 1

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"Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex, volume one" by John Albano, Tony de Zuñiga, Michael Fleisher, and others
Reviewed by John Platt

I reckon there ain't too many heroes like ol' Jonah Hex, the heavily scarred Confederate soldier-turned-bounty hunter prowling the Old West, ready to take on any job, no matter how dirty or bloody, as long as it would earn him enough money to eat.

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Satellite Imagery for the Masses

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"Satellite Imagery for the Masses: How to Use and Profit from the Satellite Revolution" by Harold Hough
Reviewed by Carol L. Bracken

With the evolution of satellite imagery, current technologies such as imagery and photo interpretation are available to the everyday

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Shadows of Flesh

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"Shadows of Flesh" by Scott Thomas
Reviewed By Andrea Speed

There’s only so much you can do with erotic horror stories. Although there are sub-genres, the genre as a whole is pretty straightforward and best described as the two B's: blood and boinking. So what can be done to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

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Convict Grade

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"Convict Grade" by Azrael Paul Damien
Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

A hundred years ago, the residents of the town of Convict Grade simply vanished. The mines in the surrounding land were still valuable, though, so the town was rebuilt, prospered, and eventually the story of how everyone disappeared turned it into a tourist attraction. This year, during the annual festival, something’s different.

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Patriot Trap

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"Patriot Trap" by Raymond Duncan
Reviewed by Steven Chaput

Neal McGrath is one of those heroes who seem to exist only in the imagination of a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum and their numerous imitators. Usually he is a university professor, with some military background and a stint with some intelligence agency. They tend to be in their mid to late thirties and have some personal tragedy (dead wife, fiancé, child, etc.) from which they have never fully recovered.

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Confessions of a Slacker Mom

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"Confessions of a Slacker Mom" by Muffy Mead-Ferro
Reviewed by CJ Hurtt

There is nothing more mysterious to a man with no children than the phrase "mom-to-be." It is one of the few conditions for which there is no frame of reference. Ya either been there or ya ain't.

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