Advice to the Hopeless Dec 15

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Joe Bob,

I have some good news. Well, I think it's good anyways. You probably won't remember this, but I have met you a few times, the last being at Horror Hound earlier this year.I told you that my favorite commentary you did was for "Samurai Cop" and since Robert Z'dar was there also, I mentioned to you that when asked, ol' Bobby Z didn't even remember doing that film, lol. He might have been a little wasted though. Anyway, I have been on the search for Matt Hannon as it seems he has dropped off the face of the earth. I mean, wouldn't it just be a life changing experience to actually hear Matt's thoughts and memories of this classic? Well, I have come up empty handed so far, but I did manage to make contact with his partner....Mark Frazer!! I'm hoping to interview him, HOPEFULLY get a full length commentary from him, and maybe even get a lead on Matt "Pool Boy" Hannon's whereabouts. Do you have any input or advice for me on this little venture? Well, I'll leave you alone now, but I'm truly hoping to hear back from you.



No, I wouldn't have any helpful hints as far as how to run down those people. I did see Robert Z'dar earlier this year and he remembered the film but didn't recall much about it. We had a "Maniac Cop" reunion and it came up, of course.

Anyway, good luck with your hunt.

Joe Bob

Hello Joe,

I just received your delicious list. Have you ever heard of « *canons de Navarone »* ? I do not know if you use « her guns of Navarone » in English, but we do in French. Best regards from Brussels!



That's one I've never heard of, but I'll be sure to add it right away. Preciate the support, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

It has been ages since I wrote you anything. The wife and I just saw that at 60 years old Elvira is back on TV. If she can do it so can you. We miss the old days of Monstervision so much. Have had to rely on our old VHS copies of your shows and the great guys at MST3K. Check out your articles from time to time and hope you are doing well. Whenever I pull out my well worn copy of CASINO you always bring a smile to my face. You and L.Q. Jones. Funny story, I live here in LA and once I met L.Q. when he had to hang around the county courthouse when we had both been called for Jury Duty. What a true gentleman and a great storyteller.

Take good care, let us know what's new with you,



Thanks for the nice words, bud, but I'm afraid I'm not as enterprising as Elvira. L.Q. Jones, by the way, was the most revered guy on the set of "Casino." Scorsese and company were in awe of the man.

Great to hear from you again.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hi Joe Bob,

Hope you do read your emails. My wife and I loved our Saturday nights when we were newly married and tuned into TNT to watch MonsterVision. Your show is the one reason for the existence of TNT, if you ask us. We love your drive-in totals and worked to do our own. We always wanted to know if you did a review of the classic Star Wars films?

For the original Star Wars, Episode 4, we always tried to dream up what you'd say for drive-in totals:

- 48 dead bodies (never counted, just threw out a number)
- Two arguing, bickering droids trying to decide which direction to go in a desert
- One old geezer with a moon-sized space station who just loves to blow up planets for no good reason
- One dude wearing black who goes around talking about "The Force", and chokes people when they mock it
- One hairy Bigfoot who knows how to fly a space ship

Write back sometime.


Dear John,

No motor vehicle chases? I find that hard to believe!

Good job, guys. Thanks for remembering my show.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob