Advice to the Hopeless Sept 22

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Dear Joe Bob:

I really enjoy the books, the website, the commentaries; and I'm happy you are so fond of classics such as Carnival of Souls. Your review of Carnival was apparently written a number of years ago, so
someone may have written you by now about this, but I would like to point out that The Hitchhiker was a story adapted for radio three times in the 1940s (all starring Orson Welles), so it actually precedes Carnival of Souls by 20 years.
I'm a huge Twilight Zone fan, too, so I just had to write an email and point that out.

I also don't want anybody from the Serling estate to send a Montgomery Ward lawyer after you, either!

I always enjoy reading/watching/listening.

Drive-ins forever!


Dear Vaughan,

That re-release of "Carnival of Souls" was sometime in the early eighties, so I would have to go back and refresh my recollection of the whole genesis of it. I remember the people who were still around who had been part of its production were amazed that anyone wanted to watch it, much less watch it in 35-millimeter. But thanks for correcting the record!

And I do appreciate the support.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hey there Joe Bob. here is a little video i made in loving memory of  this bad ass vhs rental store called Pic-A-Flic. It had loads out of  print hard to find gore, cheese and sleaze from back in the day. In its last days the owners sold there vhs heap for scraps so me and me movie mate bought a good 300 of them ol tapes.

I took loads of pictures of the movie covers to use for web research (screw writing or trying to remember all those damn titles). I tried  to make sure I bought only out of print, super rare, or banned movies. I found it funny that most reviews (if any) would start out like "worst damn movie i've ever seen in my life". In the end with all  those pictures I decided to make a farewell video to the old place and here is what was made.
just follow the link:



Good job, it's a very fitting tribute to a store I would have loved. I've been to Gallup, mostly to troll the Wal-Mart-sized Indian stores where you can get bolo ties and belt buckles for about half what you would pay anywhere else in the country.

Preciate the support, bud. I'll spread the word.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hi Joe Bob,

I'm an English composition and literature instructor at WSU in MN. Having taught topics in lit courses on horror in film and literature, I'm the guy people come to around here when anything weird, bizarre, or spooky comes up. So, I've been asked to sit on a panel to discuss CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST after an on-campus screening of it this October. I haven't seen it, but from what I've read it sounds like it'd even make me squirm. Have you reviewed it, and would you  advise I run away as quickly as I can from the invitation?


Dear Nick,

You've certainly got your work cut out for you, and you only have to months to get up to speed on the whole Spaghetti Cannibal genre, which originated, not with "Cannibal Holocaust," but with "Mondo Cane," and then reached it's apex in 1981 with "Cannibal Ferox," better known in this country as "Make Them Die Slowly." You'll want to do a frame-by frame analysis, comparing the "mise-en-scene" of Ruggero Deodato to that of Umberto Lenzi, as they are the two godfathers of Amazon-rainforest cinema of cruelty. Fortunately, you won't have to listen to any Eyetalian dialogue since, true to the tradition of their fathers, they shot these films without sound and then dubbed in the various languages later. The English editions are the definitive editions.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,
My name's Ian. Long time fan--grew up watching Monstervision with my brother. I write in hopes of some film recommendations. My father's birthday is coming up and he and I enjoy watching bad drive-ins together. Mostly '70s and '80s fare. Last year I bought him The Incredibly Strange Creatures... (with the surprise bonus of your featured commentary) but was wondering if you could offer up a couple suggestions for a father-son duo to riff.



Do you know I have 12 of those suckers? Have you ever done "Samurai Cop"? Experience the magic.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob