Advice to the Hopeless - May 15th

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Joe Bob,

I was watching your commentary on I Spit on Your Grave. You mentioned a film called Bes Moi. You said it was on video. I can not find it please help. I have been listening to you for more than 20 yrs please keep up the good work... Greg  


That's a Frenchie film, and it's available somewhere, you probly have to go to a French website. Every radical lesbian feminista in America has seen it, so I know it's not that hard to find.



Hey, Joe Bob,

What is your opinion on President Obama?



I'm in favor of the country having a president. What's YOUR opinion?

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Dear Joe Bob,

I'm one of those pesky Conservative Christians that most of the media world hates. 

But I'm one of those types that keeps it within my circle of my own life, while believing in complete freedom for other people to choose how they want to live.

After all the first gift GOD ever gave man, was the gift of freedom in the Garden of Eden.  (He gave them freedom to take from the tree or to leave it alone).

So . . saying that, you might be surprised to know you have a fan in that community.  In fact you have several fans that I know personally who used to LOVE your Monstervision show.

Actually many of my friends call me more of a Libertarian than a Conservative.  I don't know what I am.  I just love people ,  life , and good entertainment which causes me to miss your stuff.

I've been watching or reading about you since your Movie Channel Days .. . or it might have been HBO.  It was a late night show on Cable.  I was a little kid sneaking into the living room late at night watching nudy films and horror flicks I wasn't supposed to be watching (while the parents were asleep).  And actually my Dad would most likely laugh at me, and tell me not to get caught by my mom. :)  

I'm not sure how you feel about Monstervision and starting it again.  But that would be fantastic.   It would be such a break from the "Movie And A Make Over" scene.   It seems like the industry is just trying to soften everybody up too much.  I'm sick of that.

I'm sick of being told how pretty I can make myself, I want a real movie dude up there that knows his stuff about movies.  Horror mainly , but Sci Fi Suspense could work too.

I'm sick of Hot Bodied Models reading a teleprompter about a movie they have no idea about.  Example, FX and the DVD movie show they have.  Super Hot Model I don't mind looking at , I have to admit.  But it would be better to have a movie guy that actually knew the history and the industry of movies like you do.

I had an idea, that's not an original idea.    What about doing this?  Get your whole list of  fans on your list.  And send them a bi weekly email reminder to email SPIKE TV , TBS, and TNT to bring back Joe Bob Briggs Monster vision.

I think Turner owns all 3 of them, you would know more about all that than I would.    And tell your group to do some searching for email address . . to not rely on the Privace or Terms Of Use addresses which seem to go nowhere since I never get a response from them.

Or better yet, since you probably have contacts . . get the contacts that count,  and provide them for your email list.

With enough writing in to multiple stations generating interest , "Designing Women" got back on the air in the late 80s / early 90s.

With enough writing in and fan support , "The Family Guy" was brought back after it got cancelled.

The same could happen for John Bloom (Joe Bob Briggs) and MonsterVision.

I worked as a grip on one of your productions at AMS back in 98.  You autographed my Evil Dead movie, because I didn't have anything else around at the time.  They closed down Primedia, but I know AMS Productions is still running strong.  AMS . . there's a production place for you right there who might be cheaper than a California or Nevada place.  Or heck . . media is so cheap to buy now (cameras and such), maybe tape it yourself and mail it into TNT.


Thanks for that awesome vote of support, but the tv world basically moves on after a show is put to rest. My show had two incarnations, one on The Movie Channel and another on TNT, and that's one more than most shows get. As I always tell the convention fans, the show was cancelled, so now the people must suffer. Having said that, I'm open to doing some other version of the show on so-called "new media." The only problem with that is that no one really understands how labor-intensive "MonsterVision" was. It looked like I was just kicking back in that chair and pontificating, but a whole lot went into it.



Did you graduate from Trinity High School in Euless?  I did in '73.  Seems like a Joe Bob Briggs was a year or two behind me.  He had some bushy sideburns which I strove to emulate.


Dear Kip,

Obviously an impostor is trying to make you believe I had classic seventies bushy sideburns, which in fact I did have, but not at Euless Trinity.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob