Q: What happened to Monstervision? Where the hell did Joe Bob go?

A: The short answer is that Joe Bob was fired in April 2000. Feel free to peruse the letters in his ADVICE TO THE HOPELESS section where Joe Bob fills in the  gaps to this question in multiple places.  The last episode of Monstervision with Joe Bob hosting aired in July 2000. The show itself gasped its last breath at the end of September 2000.

Q: Where can I find copies of Joe Bob's books?

A: Some of Joe Bob's rare and out of print books are available right here at this website via the BUY STUFF link above.  Check here for them first, because buying directly at the website makes Joe Bob the most money and we believe that capitalism is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy.  However, in the event you can't find the book you're looking for here, most people have had very good luck with ABE Books , an excellent source for rare and out of print items.  You may also want to try Ebay or  Joe Bob's book, PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING: The Shocking Movies That Changed History was released in 2003.  His most current book, PROFOUNDLY EROTIC: Sexy Movies That Changed History is available now.

Q: I'm trying to find/buy a movie you reviewed here on your site.  Where can I get it?

A: Find your movies at  They have a huge selection of cult, horror, sci-fi and other hard-to-find movies on video and DVD.  Or try for more mainstream and current releases.

Q: Is Joe Bob Briggs your real name?

A: I wasn't born with it, but when I try to use any other name, I don't make as much money.

Q: Joe Bob, can you please explain how to do a correct breast count?  Do you count just pairs?

A: Every breast has to earn its right to be counted. Of course we count individual breasts. How else could you account for toga parties and side views? But only one breast per scene. We're not gonna start giving multiple credit for sneaky editing.

Q: Where can I find other stuff Joe Bob has written besides his books?

A: A lot of Joe Bob's old columns and articles can be found here at the website.  More stuff is added all the time, as it becomes available and as quickly as the web administrator can type it all in. You can also find Joe Bob's most current  columns, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In" ,"The Vegas Guy", "Joe Bob's America" and his special reports features under the John Bloom byline at this website.

Q: I want to write to Joe Bob. Where can I send it?

A: Hate mail, love letters, spam, invitations to nekkid jello rasslin' matches and requests for organ donation can be sent via email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q: What movies has Joe Bob appeared in?

A: Joe Bob has appeared in the following big screen extravaganzas: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD 2, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, FACE OFF, CASINO and THE STORYTELLERS. Joe Bob also makes an appearance in the Steven King TV mini-series, THE STAND.

Q: Joe Bob, I'm a writer/actor/director/producer and I want you to review my latest cinematic extravaganza.  What should I do?

A: Joe Bob will watch anything.  So of course, he wants to see your movie.  Drop an email to Joe Bob at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and he'll let you know where to send a copy of your tape and promotional materials.  You just may find your flick reviewed here!

Q.  What the heck is all this "Fu" stuff?

A:  The original "kung fu" resulted in the all-purpose suffix, "Fu," meaning "an act of senseless or random violence, usually inflicted on the viewer."