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Petticoat Planet (1996)

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Did you see where the Canadian navy blew up a warship

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Perfect Weapon (1991)

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Every once in a while my mother, Leona Briggs, of Burkburnett, Texas,

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Peneteniary 3 (1997)

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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, what are we gonna do with you, boy?

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Peacemaker (1990)

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Now they're trying to ice the Dice-Man.

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Party, Incorporated (1990)

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Last year Wanda Bodine got drunk one night

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Overkill (1996)

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I've only recently discovered the Male Biological Clock. It works just like the Female Biological Clock,

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One Man Army (1994)

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Did you know you can go into a computer system,

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Obsessive Love (1984)

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I'm tired of not being up-to-date. People write me these letters all the time.

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Oblivion (1994)

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Have you noticed the bill collectors gettin NASTIER this time of year?

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